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π  Pi-Water

Additional Filter option for RO systems

Our daily intake of food and water can be contaminated with preservatives, chemicals, additives, and artificial agents. These all increase the levels of toxins which our body has to cope with on a regular basis. The toxins accumulate, and this ultimately affects our health. This is why modern human beings suffer from so many fatal illnesses. When toxin levels are high, we may suffer from constipation, migraines, allergies and skin diseases. On a more serious note, high toxin levels may lead to diabetes, kidney problems, high blood pressure and even cancer.

Pi-Water was discovered by a Japanese professor, Dr. Yamashita, while researching botanical physiology nearly 30 years ago. Pi- water can be described as energised organic water which, when it enters the human body acts to correct the very fundamentals of our physical being. It has the dynamism to kick-start our immune system into action and therefore helps in the resistance to many of today’s common diseases.

Pi-water is produced through a process of filtration through ceramics that removes contaminants from your mains tap water. Firstly through a Reverse Osmosis system, and then through the Pi-water processor where the water is magnetically re-vitalised. The Pi processor re-mineralises the water replacing trace minerals which reverse osmosis may take out. It’s molecular structure is altered and this water now possesses many new health benefits.

The filter is compactly installed under your sink requiring no modification of your interior design. Its installation takes less than an hour, and the filters can be later replaced by any member of your family.

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Pi-Water Solution

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