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Versa Water Bottle Filler

The Very Latest product for High Demand Water Bottle Filler Locations

Crystal Clear continues to be a leader in water friendly solutions with the premier bottle filler technology.    We now have 500+ Versa Bottle Filler Units installed in Schools & Universities across Ireland and so have a huge understanding of the requirements in the education sector.

We are happy to take a call to discuss your needs and will call to your site to advise on the best locations to install the Versa Bottle Filler units.

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Versa Water Bottle Standard Features

  • Versa Premium Filter for taste, odour, lead and chlorine reduction
  • Built-in 100 micron strainer stops particles before they enter the waterway.
  • Waterways are Lead-Free in materials & construction
  • Flexible one-piece water saver bubbler
  • Stainless steel top and heavy duty galvanized steel frame
  • High efficiency cooling system and refrigerant R-134a
  • Four antimicrobial copper push pads
  • External stream height adjustment on lower unit
  • Hand free VersaFiller
  • Built in filter monitor and bottle counter

It is an ideal High-Volume water solution for Schools, Gyms, Hospitals etc.

Free Standing Water Cooler

perfect for Offices / Gyms / Hospitals

This modern Water Cooler presents itself with features that all great coolers possess – Simple Ergonomic Design and Easy to Use.  It is a floor standing unit and delivers instant refreshing chilled or ambient temperature water at the touch of a button.

A customer recently commented “So this is what chilled, filtered water tastes like.  I love it…!”

This popular water cooling system remains a favourite and it’s no wonder why, once you have experienced its reinvigorating fresh water.

It is fully electronic in design and has an integrated cup holder.

Ideally located centrally and perfect for Offices / Gyms / Hospitals etc.

crystal clear water filtration cooler for office staff
crystal clear water filtered cooler water for office arctic revolution 70

A new & Modern Design Counter Top Water Dispensing Unit

brand new to the market

This filtered water dispensing solution is a revolution in design, attractive and compact, with an exceptionally high dispensing area for large mugs and sports bottles. It is very modern in design and sleek with a clear contemporary look and is perfect for the mid size modern office.

It has a small footprint (370H x 240W x 488D) and fits in to small work spaces and under overhanging cupboards.  It would be ideally located in a kitchenette area where users can fill their drinking bottles and return to their desk with chilled, filtered water. A hydrated workforce is a happy workforce.

Under Sink Chiller

for chilled filtered water

Where counter top space is limited the Under Sink Chiller unit is the answer.  A complete water filtration and chiller unit is professionally installed under the counter and is presented at the sink via a Stylish Chrome Swan Neck Tap that will be installed in addition to the existing taps.

Use the sink area as normal and take a glass of Chilled, Filtered water using the separate tap.

Should you simply want filtered drinking water at the sink, this solution can be installed without a chiller unit.

crystal clear water filtered water for schools and gyms in Ireland

Free Standing Water Cooler

for locations with low water pressure

Our Free Standing Cold and Ambient Water Cooler is compact, stylish and economical.

This free standing water cooler is our unit of choice for locations where water pressure is low. The integrated reservoir dispenses ambient temperature or chilled water at a normal rate and is suitable for most office environments and reception areas.

It is an ideal water solution for offices with up to 40 members of staff.

The Water Fountain

for Gyms / Collages / Schools

Water Fountain units are generally found in very high water demand locations such as Gyms, Colleges and Schools.

They are extremely durable in design and are finished in Stainless Steel.

All units are supplied and installed with a push button Bubbler and Glass Filler Tap.

We offer a choice of Free Standing or Wall Mounted systems and all will be professionally connected to mains water and waste trap.

All Free Standing units deliver chilled water. The Wall-Mounted unit is modular in design and can be installed with or without a chiller.

crystal clear water filtered water for schools and collages in Ireland