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Counter Top Water Dispenser

New & Modern Design

  • The Oasis Plaris Direct Chill Cooler is brand new to the market and is a revolution in design, attractive and compact, with an exceptionally high dispensing area for large mugs and sports bottles.

  • It even makes the tea..!

  • With sleek and modern lines, it is certainly suited for the modern office. Ideally located in a kitchenette area because it has has an amazingly small footprint and so fits neatly in to small work spaces and under overhanging cupboards.

  • This is a high quality modern unit that has been built to last

  • Special Features

  • Hot, Cold and Room Temp from a single dispense point

  • Polymer cabinet will not rush or scratch counter-top

  • POU counter-top can be connected to filtration or RO system

  • Two options for dispensing: choose from 3 pre-select cup sizes or any dispenser size

  • Less than 43cm tall and fits well under kitchen cabinets

  • Unparalleled dispense height of 27.5cm makes it easy to fill large sports bottles

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