Contactless Office Water Cooler

Perfect For Offices | Gyms | Hospitals

  • This modern Water Cooler presents itself with features that all great coolers possess –

  • Contactless

  • Simple Ergonomic Design and Easy to Use. 

  • It is a floor standing unit and delivers instant refreshing chilled or ambient temperature water at the touch of a button.

  • This popular water cooling system remains a favourite and it’s no wonder why, once you have experienced its reinvigorating fresh water.

  • It is fully electronic in design and has an integrated cup holder.

  • Ideally located centrally and perfect for Offices | Gyms | Hospitals etc.

Our Other Products

  • Versa Bottle Filler

    Versa Water Bottle Filler

    • Perfect Schools, Gyms, Hospitals.

    • Contactless

    • Versa Premium Filter for taste, odour, lead and chlorine reduction

    • Built-in 100 micron strainer

  • Counter Top Dispenser

    • Perfect for Office.

    • Revolution in design, attractive and compact

    • Modern in design and sleek with a clean contemporary look

  • Under Sink Chiller Unit

    Under Sink Chiller Unit

    • Where counter top space is limited the Under Sink Chiller unit is the answer 

    • A complete water filtration and chiller unit

    • Stylish Chrome Swan Neck Tap

  • waitress-with-kilner-bottled-water.jpg

    Hospitality Solution

    • Permanently Reduce Overheads using the Water as a Service model.

    • Reduce single use plastic and glass.

    • Environmentally friendly & supports your environmental certification.

About Us

Our Mission is to be the leader in assisting schools, colleges and businesses reduce their single use plastic and glass waste through the supply and maintenance of mains fed water bottle filling stations as well as contactless watercoolers.


Crystal Clear is fully committed to service excellence



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