Reduce Chlorine Taste and Smell from your drinking water

The trouble with tap water is that you don’t know what you are drinking

Chlorine at least has a smell but there are a host of other substances such as lead as well as pesticides and herbicides not meant for human consumption, that are not easily detected.  This solution will reduce chlorine in your tap water at home making it acceptable and pleasant to drink.

Unlike jug filters, under-the-sink water filters fit under the counter top and filter tap water of impurities. Water is dispensed through a stylish chrome tap.

When you use this tap, cold water is diverted through the filter cartridge, removing a wide range of possible contaminants including chlorine, lead and other heavy materials.

For simple installation and replacement, nothing compares to an inline filter like the CRYSTAL CLEAR CARBON BLOCK FILTER (1 Micron).

Everything required to install this solution is included in the box.

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In-line carbon block solution

PRICE €89.00