Reduce Fluoride Chlorine and Contaminants from your drinking water

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Many people are concerned about the fact that fluoride is being added to our water believing that it can contribute to infertility in men and women, low IQ in children and some studies have shown it to be toxic to the skeletal system and even being a contributing factor to arthritis.  It is time to reduce fluoride.

One of the ways people are limiting their exposure to fluoride is by using fluoride free toothpaste and there are ongoing calls for the government to put a stop to fluoride being added to our drinking water.

People who are concerned about it are spending a small fortune on buying bottled water to drink in an effort to reduce their exposure to fluoride.


If you are concerned about you or your family’s consumption of fluoride we have a Fluoride Removal Solution for your home to significantly reduce the amount of fluoride in your water.


Manufactured from FDA approved materials, laboratory tests show the capability of fluoride reduction from 10ppm to below 0.2ppm OR 99.8% Fluoride removal.


You can no longer get pure water from your tap, however when bundled with the Crystal Clear 10″ carbon block filter, this Fluoride Removal Solution provides water purification for your home.


Two Filter Housings are bundled together and filters are installed in each.  The first filter will remove fluoride and the second removes other impurities suspended in your water as detailed below;


  • Fluoride Reduction
  • Reduction of Iron
  • Chlorine – (taste and smell)
  • Sediments (stones, sand, dirt, rust, slime, turbidity etc.)

Ideally located under your kitchen sink.

crystal clear flouride remover
Dual 10 inch dual water filter housing
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Everything required to install this solution is included in the box.

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Floride and Chlorine Solution

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