Reduce Limescale in your drinking water

The Limescale Solution from Crystal Clear also reduces chlorine taste and smell

Commonly referred to as lime, water hardness is a nuisance in the home. This is caused by calcium particles being picked up as water travels through the rock or if the local council doses the fresh water supply with lime to kill bacteria. Limescale sticks to appliances and pipes creating a hard white or brownish calcium scale. It reduces lifespan and in extreme cases may cause pipes to leak and a scum to appear on your tea / coffee.

This under-the-sink water filters fit under the counter top and filter tap water of impurities on demand and is dispensed using a stylish chrome tap. Cold mains water is diverted through the filter cartridge and delivered through the dedicated tap.

crystal clear water filtered water for your home

Everything required to install this solution is included in the box

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Limescale and Chlorine Solution

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