Schools and Businesses are reducing single use plastic

Schools and Businesses are reducing single use plastic

We are delighted with the response of schools and businesses to the need to reduce single use plastic waste.

In recent years, there has been massive media coverage about how plastic is harming our land and oceans and the Irish public in particular, have supported the global drive to reduce single-use plastic consumption and more importantly, they have taken the actions necessary to make that happen.

Businesses are getting rid of those old-style water cooler units with the large plastic bottles on top and replacing them with the mains-fed systems. It is such a simple decision for companies to change because the cost is significantly less, there are no more large plastic bottles to be stored and lifted on to the units and the staff are delighted that the company is supporting the reduction of plastic – so it’s a Win / Win”.

Irish schools and colleges are also huge supporters of the reduce plastic waste drive.  The facilities staff are challenged to pick up and empty half full bottles of water daily.  The school then has the recycling cost to dispose of the waste plastic.

The Green Factor

  • In schools, there is a Green Flag initiative run by An Taisce to encourage plastic reduction.
  • Environmental awareness and policies are the drivers in 3rd level Collages
  • For businesses it is a combination of cost reduction and simply wanting to do the right thing

In Schools and Colleges the most popular unit is The Versa Bottle Filler unit from Oasis.  “We now have hundreds of these units installed in Schools and Colleges across the country.  They are a fantastic system to deliver filtered, chilled water to the high demand areas in schools.

The preferred unit installed in businesses across the country is the Oasis Kalix watercooler.  When connected to the mains water, it just sits quietly in the corner and delivers fresh, chilled water to hydrate the work force.

If you would like to learn more about this units which will help reduce single use plastics, take a look at our website – and find out how you can order.