Discretely installed, Under-Sink Water Filtration & Chiller unit.


Filter and Chill mains tap water on demand.


Presented on your counter top as a Robust & Stylish Chrome Tap. 


Simple to use with a limitless supply of fresh water on demand.


Use it to fill glasses or bottles of Chilled and filtered water for your customers

Give your customers Cool, Crystal Clear, Filtered Water
crystal clear water filtered water for your home

Serve Chilled, Crystal Clear, Filtered Water

for €1 per day

A complete water filtration and chiller unit is professionally installed under the counter and is presented at the sink via a Stylish Chrome Swan Neck Tap that will be installed in addition to the existing taps.

Use the sink area as normal and fill glasses & bottles of Chilled, Filtered water for your customers

All service, maintenance and filter changes are included at no additional cost.

€1 per day will ensure your customers get a superb taste in water…     

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Monthly subscription + VAT

Includes On-Going Service and Filter Changes