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Versa Bottle Filler With Basin
Versa Bottle Filler With Basin & Bubbler
Contactless Bottle Filler

Contactless Versa Water Bottle Filler

Versa Water Bottle Standard Features

  • Versa Premium Filter for taste, odour, lead and chlorine reduction

  • Contactless

  • Built-in 100 micron strainer stops particles before they enter the waterway.

  • Waterways are Lead-Free in materials & construction

  • Flexible one-piece water saver bubbler

  • Stainless steel top and heavy duty galvanized steel frame

  • High efficiency cooling system and refrigerant R-134a

  • Four antimicrobial copper push pads

  • External stream height adjustment on lower unit

  • Hand-free VersaFiller

  • Built in filter monitor and bottle counter

  • It is an ideal High-Volume water solution for Schools, Gyms, Hospitals etc.

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