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About Us

Specialist Water Cooler Suppliers

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the leader in assisting schools, colleges and businesses reduce their single use plastic waste through the supply and maintenance of mains fed water bottle filling stations | water coolers.

Crystal Clear assists customers all over Ireland reduce their single use plastic waste through the supply and maintenance of mains fed water bottle filling stations.

We work with schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, SME’s and Multi-Nationals providing them with the best solution to reduce or eliminate their single use plastic waste.  In the case of hospitals and nursing homes who require disposable cups we provide a fully compostable solution.

Having a mains fed Water Cooler Unit eliminates the need to order and store bulky water bottles, with no more administrative headaches, health and safety problems and no risk of running out…

How Does It Work

We Will Arrange Delivery of Mains Water To Any Location In Your Office

A mains water feed is brought to the water cooler location where it is filtered and chilled, providing a constant supply of great tasting water.

Professionally installed and expertly maintained by our own engineers, we will look after your entire drinking water requirements.

Contactless Wate Cooler and Bottle Filler
Water Coolers and Bottle Fillers For Schools and Colleges

Why Choose Crystal Clear

  • Over 20 years of experience

  • High quality and dependable customer service backed by cloud-based job management software.

  • All our engineers carry tablets and automatically receive their recurring service and maintenance visits daily.

  • A complete service history reporting structure is available to the customer at any time

  • Fast response rate to any issues or queries

  • Water Filter Housings are manufactured from multi-use plastic.

  • The Carbon Block Filter can be added to your recycling and is replaced at regular intervals

  • No need to store and buy heavy bottles of water or costly bottle deliveries

We are now a part of Culligan Ireland

Crystal Clear has recently forged a dynamic partnership with Culligan Ireland, combining the strengths of both companies to offer a comprehensive solution for clean and sustainable drinking water. Culligan, known for their versatile range of drinking water solutions, takes immense pride in incorporating various hygiene and safety features into their products to ensure the highest quality. Crystal Clear, on the other hand, is on a mission to lead the charge in helping schools, colleges, and businesses across Ireland reduce their reliance on single-use plastic by providing and maintaining mains-fed water bottle filling stations and water coolers. Together, this collaborative effort will not only enhance the accessibility of safe and eco-friendly drinking water but also contribute significantly to reducing plastic waste across the country.

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